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Finally, a subscription box for fishermen.

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Finally, a subscription box for fishermen.

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The consumer will win in the end. I dont care aout all the other political stuff, just let the sport grow and prosper.

What I want to offer anglers everywhere is a box of baits for each season of the year. One for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

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Look for this to hit within a few weeks or the first of Februrary. But that is changing. A follower recently reached out to me offering to help. Welcome Josh Courtney as a contributor to The-Baitman.

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Josh is just like you and I. A normal guy with a day job and a passion for tackle. After seeing a sample of his writing I knew that not only could he write but he knew exactly what he was talking about. Plus add a product review and or article on each of those days. And here is a nice preview of 5 companies you need to watch for in -Baitman Out. Just in case you have been living under a rock in the past 24 hours, Major League Fishing has officially announced there is now a third player to the Professional Bass Fishing tournament scene.

Boot the box.

Personally, The tournament side of bass fishing has needed a good shot in the arm for a long time. Especially the top tier. Where does leave BASS? What about FLW? This is really big news in the Industry. It will effect everything from Bait Sales to Magazine Memberships Be sure to subscribe to his channel.

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  • Mystery Tackle Box - Monthly Fishing Tackle & Bait Subscription Box | Mystery Tackle Box!
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  • He catches some jaints of the smallmouth kind. Click the Images to ready my review of this new topwater bait, freshly delivered from I-Cast Thanks for sending in all your photos of Jaints! The Photo Gallery has now been updated! Keep them coming! Be sure to follow me over on Instagram. To find your lure of choice, unfurl Wraptor to display all of your options.

    Mystery Tackle Box coupon codes

    Then, reach into the pouch opening and remove your selected lure. A size and model for every fishing use Designed by a fishing fanatic who was frustrated with the ability of his traditional tackle box to properly organize his large selection of crank baits. Today, there are multiple sizes and several configurations designed to hold everything from jigs or snells, to crank baits or plastics, to musky baits or bottom bouncers.

    Displays all lures at once; no digging through your tackle box. This means the potential for damage and almost certain tangling. Wraptor Tackle Rolls feature a series of vinyl pouches into which individual lures or bait are placed. The pouches are self-sealing yet easy to open, vented for drainage and puncture resistant. No-Tangle Design It never fails.

    his tackle box shop coupon code His tackle box shop coupon code
    his tackle box shop coupon code His tackle box shop coupon code
    his tackle box shop coupon code His tackle box shop coupon code
    his tackle box shop coupon code His tackle box shop coupon code
    his tackle box shop coupon code His tackle box shop coupon code

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