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Saturday afternoons are a little busy so get there early. These guys are great and super helpful. My daughter loves this sport and this place has been so great for her.

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Great for beginners all the way up to those who want to compete. Best staff!!! Awesome place!! Glen helped out a lot. First time I had shot in over 10 years. The staff were very friendly and informative.

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This is a standard Thursday night date night for us. Great staff, wonderful people. Nerds and geeks welcome. My girls and I went outside our comfort zones. And Everyone in this place made my girls and I feel welcome. Glenn was amazing and the instructors were patient with us. We had fun. Glenn made sure that a new package was opened for my daughter who has severe food allergies so that she didn't have her hands contaminated by the possibility of someone having had nuts prior to her use.

Amazing place to bring kids! Staff are over the top amazing!!!!!

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Clean and well maintained rental equipment!!! Thank you for the amazing service. We will be back. Awesome staff.

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Helped me out with installing new strings. Place is busy with people lined up letting arrows fly. Cool place. Will be going there again. I have been having some trouble with my bow, and I took it to Cabela's multiple times to have them try to help me address it.

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The safety and security of nuclear weapons under military control is considered of paramount importance, and thus defense agencies perform detailed and rigorous inspections at regular intervals. When the Air Force publicly acknowledged the inspection failure in August, it said "tactical-level errors" had been committed during one phase of the inspection, but it did not say the errors were made by security forces. At the time, the Air Force declined to provide details, saying to do so could expose potential vulnerabilities. Security forces, safety officers, logistics teams, missile launch crews and others participated in the Malmstrom inspection.

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John Sheets, a spokesman for Air Force Global Strike Command, which is responsible for the nuclear missile corps as well as the nuclear-capable bomber aircraft, said Wednesday he could not comment further. He added that all "countermeasures," or corrective actions, that were proposed in the review obtained by the AP have been accomplished.

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The only exception is a plan for more extensive practicing of security response tactics at launch silos, a move that requires signed agreements with owners of the private land on which the missile silos are situated. The Aug , , inspection, designed to evaluate management and handling of nuclear weapons to ensure they are properly controlled at all times, was repeated two months later and found no security weaknesses.

Security forces are responsible for a range of protective roles on the Air Force's three nuclear missile bases, including along roads used to transport missiles and warheads to and from launch silos; at weapons storage facilities; and at launch silos and launch control centers. The partially censored document provided to the AP describes in broad terms the nature of the inspection failure, its significance and its underlying causes.

It said insufficient training was at the heart of the problem, beginning with a lack of familiarity among the security forces with "complex scenario" exercises. It also cited unspecified shortcomings in "leadership culture" and a lack of standardized simulations not only at Malmstrom but throughout the nuclear missile corps.

Among the corrective measures cited in the report: Arrange to hold recapture exercises at one launch silo among the 50 silos in each of the st's three Minuteman squadrons, using "realistic, varied, simple-to-complex" scenarios based on what the Pentagon calls its "local nuclear security threat capabilities assessment.

The Air Force declined to further explain the August exercise scenario, but the document provided to the AP indicates that a security force team was told to recapture a Minuteman 3 missile launch silo within a certain time limit. It did not identify or otherwise describe the team, but each Minuteman 3 missile base has "tactical response force" teams specially trained and equipped for nuclear weapons recapture and recovery missions.

Two years ago, the Air Force promoted these teams as a "secret weapon" ensuring nuclear security, saying they are provided "an extensive amount of unique training and are expected to perform flawlessly in whatever scenario thrown their way. It is not clear from available records precisely what Malmstrom's security forces did wrong or inadequately in the August exercise.

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A section apparently elaborating on what was meant by the phrase "failed to take all lawful actions" was removed from the document before its release to the AP last week. The Air Force said this information was withheld in accordance with senior-level Pentagon orders "prohibiting the unauthorized dissemination of unclassified information pertaining to security measures" for the protection of "special nuclear material.

Robert Stanley, who was commander of the st Wing at the time of the failure, said at the conclusion of the inspection that to publicly reveal details of the results would "give America's adversaries far too much information about how we operate. Nine days later he fired the officer in charge of his security forces, Col. David Lynch, and replaced him temporarily with Col. John T.

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