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What Are SDS Drill Modes?

No DIY arsenal would be complete without a reliable cordless drill. Useful for assembling new furniture, fixing damage from everyday wear and tear, and other odd jobs around the house, a drill is a toolbox essential. But while most of us have a mains-powered drill hiding away somewhere in the house, a cordless model lets you move around freely and work without restrictions, enabling you to reach the trickier corners and cubby holes around your home. If you want some tips on where to start and what to look out for, then check out our buying guide below.

There are quite a few different types of drill out there, most of which look pretty similar to the untrained eye. Drill driver — If you want a no-frills drill that you can use for a variety of tasks around the home, consider a drill driver. The most common type of drill, this can be used to drill holes in everything from walls to wood to masonry, and drive screws, too.

Impact driver — These might look like a standard drill, but impact drivers are specifically designed to drive screws, not drill holes — they use a combination of huge spinning torque and percussive blows against the back of the driver bits to power screws into the toughest surfaces. Driving screws is their forte: where you might need to drill a guide hole for screws with a traditional drill, and have to swap between drill and driver bits as a result, an impact driver will do the job on its own due to its extra power. These cope with basic everyday drilling and screwdriving tasks, but often offer improved torque for more demanding jobs and also add a basic hammer function that can break through harder materials.

Hammer drill — These use a more powerful forwards and backwards hammering action in combination with the spinning drill bit to strike through the toughest masonry or stone. SDS drill — Also known as SDS rotary hammers, these tools are normally bulkier and heavier than standard hammer drills, but are designed for much more heavy-duty DIY jobs where power is paramount.

How to buy the best cordless drill

The SDS-specific drill and driver bits have small indentations at the rear where they slot into the drill no chuck key is required, so this takes seconds , and ball bearings in the SDS chuck hold them securely in place while hammering the bit back and forth. These drills come in three main types: two-mode, three-mode, and three-mode with an interchangeable chuck.

Cordless SDS Drills

The obvious disadvantage of using a cordless drill is that it needs to be charged before you can get to work. Theoretically, the higher the battery capacity normally measured in Ah , the longer the battery will last — of course, that will depend entirely on what you use the drill for, as hammer action modes will drain power quicker than pure rotary modes. These days almost all hammer drills have the ability to switch off the rotary or the hammer action of the drill, typically providing the user with three modes of operation:.

Another common feature of hammer drills comes in the form of their safety characteristics. The maximum hole diameter that it can produce in masonry is 20mm, a more modest value than for a specialised hammer drill but still more than what most builders and home users will ever need. To get the Bosch PBH RE to use regular drill bits or to act as a screwdriver, chuck adaptors are available for purchase separately that take non-SDS and screwdriver bits, respectively see images below.

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SDS Hammer Drill Reviews in the UK

Both chuck adaptors work by simply slotting directly into the SDS Plus chuck with the drill having a selector for reversing spindle rotation, an important feature for getting drill bits out of jams in addition to changing screwdriving directions. As with a standard rotary hammer drill, the Bosch PBH RE SDS drill can also switch off its rotary motion while preserving its hammering capabilities so it can also act as a light power chisel.

Unlike some of the cheaper hammer drills available, the Bosch PBH RE has rotational speed control incorporated into the trigger, so that increasing the pressure on the trigger slowly increases the speed of the drill or screwdriver bit rotation.

PREMIUM Battery SDS Hammer Drill Shoot-out - Dewalt, Bosch, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee, Hilti

The drill is also relatively light in weight, which is not a bad thing if you need to work with it up a ladder or above shoulder height. In fact, some of the heavier hammer drills available are near impossible to use effectively for work higher up. Finally with the Bosch brand, you can rest assured that you are buying one of the best quality SDS hammer drills available, a tool that is very well made and built to last a very long time. This translates into an ability to penetrate concrete with a diameter of up to 20mm when the hammering action is engaged, or up to a diameter of 30mm in wood and 13mm in metal with the drill in regular non-hammering mode.

Although the rotational speed of the Bosch SDS drill cannot be set directly, variable pressure applied to the trigger of the machine allows for variable speed control, while the drilling function mode dial, which allows the drill to function in either non-hammering, hammering, or chisel modes, is smooth and easy to change. The Bosch SDS hammer drill weighs approximately 2.

SDS Hammer Drill Reviews in the UK

The Bosch drill has been built to operate under heavy use with minimal downtime typical of how it is often used on a worksite. Safety-wise, like other high-quality rotary hammer drills, the Bosch power drill has been designed with an overload clutch which immediately disengages the rotary action of the drill spindle if the drill bit becomes jammed. This protects the user as well as the drill itself from a violent counter-motion of the drill body in the direction opposite to the rotation of the drill bit, which could otherwise have the potential to seriously injure the user and potentially cause damage to the drill itself.

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As for accessories, the Bosch drill comes in a plastic carry case which makes keeping the power tool clean and organised a simple process. Even the design of the carry case is well-thought out, so for instance, even the mains power cord, which is very generous in length on the Bosch GBH 2—20D, can be easily packed into the carry case without any fuss something that is not always true with carry cases from less reputable power tool vendors. As for any dislikes with this Bosch professional drill, there is actually very little to say negatively about the power tool other than perhaps the lack of any drill bits included as part of the package when purchasing the drill.

This is especially poignant if you are new to the SDS Plus drill ecosystem as it means you will have to invest separately in a set of SDS Plus drill bits which will just add to the overall cost of an already expensive Bosch drill. Overall, the professional Bosch SDS drill is certainly worth its premium cost, especially if your trade requires a fair amount of drilling or you are using the drill excessively over a short period, and if you are upgrading from a regular percussion hammer drill, then you will certainly notice the improvement with the Bosch rotary hammer drill SDS Plus chuck-based hammering action.

The Evolution SDS SDS hammer drill is a low cost hammer drill from a company whose reputation for good power tools at reasonable prices is growing. For the price, the SDS has a remarkable level of functionality. It has the usual 3-mode function settings where it can be set to be used either as a regular drill for drilling materials like wood, a hammer drill for drilling up to 20mm diameter in masonry, or as a power chisel.

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However, unlike most other competitor SDS hammer drills, the chiselling function on the Evolution SDS also has the added option of being set to either a locked mode where the chisel head stays fixed in one orientation, useful for when the chiselling angle is important, or set to an unlocked mode which allows the chisel head to rotate freely as it encounters resistance it should be noted that the chiselling action on the SDS tends to look quite weak when operated in free air, and only shows its true power when pressed against a workpiece.

The SDS also has variable speed control primarily operated through varying the trigger pressure but also facilitated by a dial on the trigger switch which allows one to set the maximum drill speed. Above the trigger switch is a reverse switch that can reverse the rotation of the drill bit to help one get out of drill bit jams. As with most SDS hammer drills these days, it comes with a safety clutch which disengages the drill bit rotation from the motor in the event that the drill bit binds while drilling, reducing the chances of injury to the operator.

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To top it all off, the drill also comes with an introductory set of SDS drill bits and chisels as well as a plastic carry case to hold it all together. With all this capability, it is easy to forget that the drill is a budget tool designed for the DIYer or the professional whose masonry drilling and chiselling needs are on the lighter side. Consequently, it should be no surprise then that the Evolution SDS hammer drill tends to run hot when used for extended periods of time, especially when used in chiselling mode, and the operating manual recommends no more than 30 minutes continuous use before giving it at least as long to rest and fully cool down.

5 Best SDS Drills for Heavy Duty Drilling [ Edition] | DIY Garden

Overall, the Evolution SDS SDS hammer drill is excellent value and ideal for individuals that need to do some occasional masonry drilling or chiselling. Click here for the official webpage of the Evolution SDS hammer drill. With the Makita HR corded SDS hammer drill, you pay a higher price but you have the comfort of knowing you are getting a quality Japanese product. It has all the standard settings of a typical rotary hammer drill, allowing the user to also use it as a regular drill rotary-only setting as well as a power chisel hammering-only setting. It can drill holes up to 26mm in masonry.

For safety of the operator and the drill itself, it has a torque limiting clutch to prevent loss of control of the drill if the drill bit jams while drilling. In addition, the drill also has a reverse setting for drill bit-jamming situations. Quality on the Makita SDS drill is second to none and as expected this is reflected in the price compared to some of the cheaper hammer drills available in the UK that are less well-built. The trigger has variable speed control through the amount of pressure applied to it giving the drill more controllable and more accurate drilling capabilities.

Makita power tools in general are precision tools that include all the latest technology and are built to last.

best deals on sds drills Best deals on sds drills
best deals on sds drills Best deals on sds drills
best deals on sds drills Best deals on sds drills
best deals on sds drills Best deals on sds drills
best deals on sds drills Best deals on sds drills

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