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If the customer opens the url when the conditions of the coupon are not yet met or the cart is empty the coupon won't be applied, instead the a message will be displayed: e. This message can be changed. Once the conditions are met the coupon will be applied automatically. The option 'Limit discount to:' offers a wide range of discounting options. The following screenshot shows what features will be added to the Edit Coupon page by this plugin:.

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If you have a coupon that is restricted by email address you need to do the following:. Currently this plugin has been translated to English, Spanish and Dutch. Using qTranslate X, the coupon message for Auto Coupons can be translated using shorthand tags, e. For example:. You can find the id of a product on the WooCommerce Products-page. You have a question about functionality of this plugin?

Please fill in the form and we'll answer it for you. By dailce on September 30, By anantaramdas on September 9, By SocialSpark socialsparkmedia on August 6, By SeeThrough Web seethroughweb on May 23, By Pat patrickhaond on May 23, By brian09 on December 7, By 4pixels on November 27, By groggy72 on September 17, By Vortex11 VD11 on August 9, By frabie on June 5, Buy 3 pay 2 Limit discount to: cheapest item Auto coupon priorities Custom error message. Visit demo store. Read documentation. What can be achieved with this plugin?

Optionally you can have the customer choose between various free gifts. Limit discount to certain products only The 'Limit discount'-option allows you to: Limit only the cheapest item in the cart.

WooCommerce Coupons Made Easy: How to Create Winning Coupon Campaigns Every Time

Here it is. You can also help customers remember coupons so that they actually complete purchases, measure the success of your pay-per-click ad campaigns by using a coupon URL, and turn clicks into profit!

Customers leave your site to search for coupons, and may not return. URL coupons gives you the flexibility to be your only coupon method. This way, customers with coupons automatically have them applied by visiting your URL, while other customers never leave to go coupon hunting. This means that you can trigger a coupon for anyone who reads a particular blog post or visits your landing page.

This is a great way to reward your fans, brand loyalists, or customers that interact with you blog by providing an automatic discount. This allows you to optionally add products to the cart when the URL is visited and immediately send customers somewhere, such as the cart or checkout. This reduces as many barriers to purchasing as possible, and can even be used with WooCommerce One Page Checkout for a completely seamless, one-page coupon application and purchasing experience.

WooCommerce Coupon Plugin - Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce

More Effective Advertising Using unique URLs for a coupon or promotion will allow you to track and increase your advertising conversions. If you do print advertising, you can include the URL for the coupon or a QR code that links to the unique URL to track how many conversions the advertisement provides to gauge the quality of the leads based on coupon uses and influence customers to purchase. Learn more. Asked 1 year, 9 months ago.

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Active 7 months ago. Viewed 6k times. Is this possible? This question is absolutely NOT too broad … and can be done with few lines of code 5 minutes to be answered max.

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The second one will apply the coupon code from session in checkout page. How to remove session value after the coupon applied successfully?? Yes its working for me Thank You But when i removing coupon apply filed on the checkout page its not working Inspired by your answer I created a WooCommerce plugin wordpress.

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