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Usually by the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, the sales taper off briefly until it gets closer to Christmas, but Thanksgiving is a week later this year. That means you can probably expect a bigger cluster of deals all the way until December 24 or 25, and possibly into the new year too—convenient for those who are doing shopping for themselves and their loved ones. Now, there is never any guarantee that what you want will go on sale, especially with stores like Micro Center that do way more in-store deals than online deals, but there's a good chance that you'll find something similar or close.

Some Black Friday sales only last as long as the supplies last, too, so if you do see something for the right price, pick it up as fast as you can. OK so you need a new TV today.

Best Black Friday deals UK the sales and discounts to look out for | T3

Sometimes you get a TV emergency. We understand, we just hope you're not in any trouble with this sudden need for a TV, like, right now. Maybe you got mixed up with the wrong TV people.

Well, we can't help with TV crime, but we can help with TV deals. Here are our top TV deals happening now. Some will be cheaper during Black Friday, some won't. Patience isn't necessarily a virtue in this situation. And since it's no longer the flagship, it'll only get cheaper. This is a seriously great price for a 65" QLED, and the colors are truly spectacular.

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View Deal. It's pricey, but the picture on this LG set is unrivaled. It's also super thin and will look incredible in your living room. It has fantastic colors, a decent refresh rate of Hz, and this is a great TV for the money.

While you can spend a bit more and get a Q8, this is a good saving on a TV that lasts you years. This Toshiba isn't top-of-the-line, but it's fairly well-reviewed and the price is right. TVs are a big winner every year when it comes to Black Friday discounts. There is always something for everyone, and affordable 4K TVs are offered across multiple retailers during Black Friday sales.

User collected and ranked list of the cheapest 4K Ultra HD TV deals and discounts

Investing in a 4K TV simply makes sense. Multiple streaming apps and devices now offer ultra HD viewing capabilities, and Sony and Microsoft are offering 4K video game consoles. Most 4K sets now include HDR, that can offer brighter highlights, bigger contrasts, and a wider range of colour detail. In the world of tech, HDR is the real deal and a game-changer.

How to Find the Best 4K TV Deals during Black Friday 12222

So how do you find the best deals on 4K TVs? There are a few simple methods that are tried and tested, and if you follow these guidelines, there is a good chance you can find a great deal on Black Friday. The best way to predict deals is to look at what sold well last year. Similar deals will likely come up again, with a few new and surprising additions.

There is no better time to grab a bargain on a 4K TV than Black Friday 12222.

Take note of what deals could be released, as this could influence your purchases and chances of finding a good deal. You didn't get an OLED display for this price — see the set below for that — but it was still getting a truly high-end television for almost half the price. LG's webOS smart platform is one of the best out there, too. The offer's running until December 4, and may be the best we'll see for this particular set. Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be stressful; after all, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of deals to sift through, and it can be difficult to know which deals are best for you.

The best 4K TV deals ahead of Black Friday

So, it's worth doing your homework ahead of time — that means checking out the retailers you think you might buy from come November, and looking out for any artificially inflated prices. Some retailers up price from August through to October to make their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals seem better than they actually are — and this is particularly prevalent with TV deals.

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  • As much as you can, you should try to be flexible, too. Instead of memorizing the catalogue number, identify the features that really matter to you, so when you see a better deal on an LG UHD TV, you won't miss out on a fantastic discount. It's also well worth bookmarking this page, as well as our main Black Friday deals page — we'll be scouring the web for the very best tech deals, sifting through all the rubbish ones so you don't have to. You'd be forgiven for thinking all the deals would be exhausted over Black Friday which typically extends throughout November these days , but Cyber Monday is still a great time to save money on the tech you want.

    We'd recommend going for the best Black Friday TV deals rather than waiting for Cyber Monday, but if you don't find what you're looking for, it's a great time to find discounted TVs.

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