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You go thru media very quicly. You can use sand but most of the large bags of sand you get at hardware stores has to much moisture in them. You will not get a nice consitant finsh with them and they tent to plug up a lot. The reason I tell you this is if you are doing small parts the small cabinets are worth it because they reclaim the media. If you are blasting outside you want a media that does not absord moisture. Also make sure you have a good drying system on your compressor. I use this for hvy rust. Send a private message to Gorn.

Find all posts by Gorn. I actually went into a harbor freight last Wednesday and saw the blast media. I did not see that pressure blaster though. I am going to keep looking for one.

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I have also found that my compressor won't be up to task, so I am going to need to find a super compressor too. Time to upgrade that as well now I suppose. I am limited to v is my shop I also have Craftsman Compressor. The one I have does very well until you start talking Sand blasting or painting its says its 5 hp but 2 hp is the max possible with v. To run v I would need to install a new service in my home its maxed out. Then run wires out to the detached garage and of course buy the bigger compressor.

Black Bull 10 gallon sand blaster

I would then have to pay to pump up that big compressor every weekend. For the weekend a year I need the larger compressor I rent a gas powered unit for the weekend. Renting 8 hp gas unit hooking it inline with my 2 hp craftsman gives me all the air I need to blast or paint. Getting a true 8 Hp compressor with electicity would require 3 phase power source.

Mathmaticly 5 hp is the limit out of v single phase. I do keep an eye out every once in a while I will see a contractor selling a used hp unit. I would like to get a decent Emglo unit at some point. These industrial grade compressors are designed to run hours a day for years. If they are not all used up with a little maintenence they would last a hobbiest a life time.

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You could probably find a cheaper equivalent through Harbor Freight. I use aluminum oxide media. I definitely recommend going this route after you move past the POC stage. So you may want to consider something just a little larger like a 6 gal pancake compressor.

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No need to go all out with one that has wheels, just one that can adequately handle a variety of tasks. I agree, compressed air is very handy in the shop. And without a cabinet Tom, you will also want a nuisance mask at a minimum. Thanks for the great info, Mike! I should have just asked Mike directly. Cabinet, large compressor, and dust collection together take up a fair chunk of space. Compressors are not quiet, especially if they are under-sized for the application and have to run too often.

Good point! The cheapest way to get started is etching cream, but even a weeny little air eraser will provide much better results. Yes, I have.

Harbor Freight Sandblast Enclosure - Setup and Initial Use

One of many capabilities that is currently out of hobby rotation and collecting more dust than it generates but which I can not part with. The free classes are funa nd the sandblasting ones are hands on We etched a few glasses. You can also pick up the laserable sandblasting mask which you put on the glass object with would have to be flat - no rotary attachment for , laser it and then sandblast to get a much deeper and smoother etch in the glass.

I have a roll around here somewhere, will have to try it some day…. The concept is the same once you get to the sand blasting. My Specs Engine: 2. It uses lower pressure and works much better when used with the corrct media The media sold at HF.

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I used both types to blast a motorcylce frame, the pressure tank was by far better. I have plans somewhere of a blasting cabinet that I built out of a single sheet of plywood and have been using it for the past 6 years, I just replace the glass with free stuff I find from craigs list when I need to. I will take soem pic's and see if I can find the link Muddi1 is offline. I would probably just use playsand, as I wont be able to save it when I do my frame because I have to do it outside, My dad said I can't use it in the garage. My dad bought a media blaster from them but we haven't used it yet.

We're going to use it on a truck. It's probably one of those "don't drop" tools. Purple Jeep Club member Play sand needs to be dried and sifted before you can use it with any success. It will be very moderate success at best, it is VERY dusty and straight from the bag, even if it has been sitting in the store for months it will still be somewhat damp. You may find yourself frustrated shortly after you get started as there will be loads of dust and if not dried completely you will experience a lot of clogging.

If you are doing your frame the one you are looking at would work fine, its the material that you run through it that will be the determining factor of success. You can also make one out of a wood frame with screen or a bucket top with screen over it. My Specs Engine: 4. Front is an air tank. I have that exact unit and I use play sand in it. It isn't the most efficient on air use and the play sand needs to be dried and is fairly random in size. But I use it ALL the time.

Upgrading the Harbor Freight blast cabinet | NC4x4

I clean spark plugs, edges for welding remove the undercoating to patch the bumper after bouncing off boulders etc I just did a brake job on my wife's van over the weekend and took the drums down to bare metal and sprayed them silver to blend better with the alloy wheels. Quote message in reply?

Register Now. In order to be able to post messages on the JeepForum. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. User Name :. BB code is On.

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