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Therefore, by waiting for sales and utilizing coupons, they save significantly more money compared to buying generic items.

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However, this approach requires extra effort. You have to find coupons, clip them and organize in one place. In addition, you have to be patient and sometimes wait for a few days or even a week for the item to go on sale. And not to mention that you definitely have to know the couponing terminology and abbreviations. Extreme Couponers — Extreme couponers know pretty much every trick in the book to save money. They also know when you can use 2 coupons on a BOGO buy 1 get 1 sale. They basically do everything like coupon shoppers, but they put an extra effort to find multiple deals.

They purchase several copies of Sunday newspapers to get more coupons of the same item. Simply put, they do bulk shopping.

Where Do Extreme Couponers Find Good Coupons?

With this approach, extreme couponers save an enormous amount of money. You should see coupons as currencies, as they replace actual money.

Here are the best places to look for coupons:. Sunday Newspaper — Local ads and coupon inserts are the first place to start looking for coupons. We recommend getting at least 3—5 copies of Sunday newspapers to acquire more coupons. Online — Today, the internet is the number one source for collecting coupons, but you are already aware of that as you came to our website — a one-stop coupon resource where you can find great coupons and amazing deals with only a few clicks. We are curating the best deals for extreme couponers and people who love saving money.

All you have to do is click on the coupon and print it. In addition, you should look for free coupon booklets. Manufacturers — Manufacturers usually have multiple coupons for their products. You can get them by visiting their website or you can simply send them an email and ask for coupons.

How To Be An Extreme Couponer In Canada

To tell you the truth, organization is the key to being a successful couponer. Without it, you are simply going to fail. There are different options available, but we recommend the two most popular methods: file box and coupon binder. Therefore, we strongly recommend reading that guide as well. Once you step into the world of extreme couponing, we recommend going for one deal to get comfortable with the entire process.

Once you get used to it, you can go for bigger deals whenever something is on sale.

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But for your first extreme couponing deal, you should:. If you notice something that you consider a great sale and you need that item, then check whether you already have coupons for that item. If not, then research and try to find the coupon. Once you acquire the coupon, do your math and see whether the new discounted price is good enough to pursue this deal.

If you think it is, get as many coupons as possible and do bulk shopping of that item. In that article, we offer more than companies that you can contact for coupons. So check that out. This is a great way to get coupons that are worth a lot, as many of these companies will send out high value coupons to customers who take the time to get in touch.

The fact that extreme couponers have tons of different places where they get their coupons, and they know where to find those high value coupons is just one element of their success. Saving a lot of money using coupons is just as much about how you use coupons as it is about the coupons themselves.

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  6. What sets extreme couponers apart from your regular old couponer is that they know how to use coupons strategically. And what we mean by that is that couponers know how to use coupons to maximize the amount of money that they save. There are lots of different types of coupons available, so knowing how to use them to save the most money can be tough. Extreme couponers know all of the rules for using coupons, and can, therefore, use them effectively.

    The main way that these couponers maximize savings is by stacking them — this means that they combine coupons or use coupons alongside other money-saving methods. Many stores will allow you to use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item. This is how extreme couponers use multiple coupons. Not all stores allow you to do this, but for the ones that do, this can be a way to get some huge discounts. Pick up an item from the clearance section. For example, if we take the example of the Colgate toothpaste above, and add a manufacturer coupon worth a dollar to the mix, then you get both tubes for free!

    Not all stores will allow you to do this, but many, like CVS , will.

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    Each store has its own coupon policy — basically rules for what you can and cannot do with coupons and deals. Some stores do, however, allow overage. One example of a store that allows overage is Walmart which makes couponing at Walmart all the more better. But overage, if you can get it, is definitely one of the best aspects of couponing and one that allows extreme couponers to save so much money! Combining rebate apps with coupons is another tip used by couponers who save a lot of cash. Some of them require you to purchase specific items, whereas others will pay for any itemized receipt.

    These apps are mainly for rebates for grocery shopping , but some of them allow you to get a rebate for pretty much any receipt. With these apps , you upload a photo of your receipt and get paid. Payment is usually sent by PayPal, but some apps offer other payment options, like gift cards for example. This is such an easy way to save more money , requiring little effort. Check multiple coupon resources, including those we mentioned above, like Sunday newspaper inserts, and brand websites. Check to see if any of the manufacturer coupons match up with store coupons before you head out to the store.

    If they do, then gather brand coupons for the items that you regularly purchase, and then collect store coupons for those same items.

    Extreme couponing: Save £s on groceries - MoneySavingExpert

    Doing all of this planning and preparation beforehand will save you money on online shopping as well as in store shopping. There are lots of ways you can use coupons strategically, but each store will have its own policy on how coupons can be used. Retailers often update their coupon policies, so make sure that you stay up to date with policies. Instead, they use multiple resources for getting high-value coupons.

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    Extreme coupons where do they get them

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